Networking Infrastructure & Telecommunication solutions

For robust reliable and cost effective network and telecoms infrastructure installation, ATEL with years’ experience and industry specific certified workforce provides state of the art systems for efficient business operations and long lasting returns on investments. We leverage the best of today’s technology and partnerships to deliver industry-leading solutions to give you the competitive edge needed to stay connected.

Network Infrastructure Service (Deployment of Local Area Network (LAN) and Fiber Optic WAN   Infrastructure)

  • Site Survey and Design of FOC and LAN sites

  • Trenching, Excavation, Drilling, commissioning and Reinstatement for FOC

  • Splicing, Termination and Testing of FOC

  • Trucking &Installation

  • Installation of Cabinet, Patch Panel, UPS with Power cables

  • Installation of LAN Switches and Routers

  • Network Systems, including installation of switches and routers

  • Data Center infrastructure, including the installation of servers, security, storage/recovery systems.

  • Network infrastructure planning, design & deployment/Installation

  • Network infrastructure support & maintenance/Upgrades

  • Proactive support, Monitoring, Documentation/Reports

  • Performance management and tuning

  • Infrastructure consultancy

Security is an imperative part of any establishment and the threat landscape is more dangerous within the networking and I.T fields. The IT department struggles to reduce risk and maintain regulatory compliance and at the same time face intense pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity. ATEL reliefs the burden of identifying, setting up and maintaining the best of today’s security appliances and technologies for the current trends of network threats.

ATEL’s wide range of constantly evolving security solutions empowers IT departments to drive down security risk and do more with limited resources as we understand the importance of network security to your organization and the possible repercussions.


We provide preemptive threat mitigation solutions that protect your entire IT infrastructure.

  • Firewalls

  • Ip Security

  • Endpoint Security Solutions (Antivirus, Data Loss Prevention, Full Disk Encryption)

  • Pen. Testing

  • Secure VPN solution

  • Surveillance and Tracking Security services (Wireless CCTV and Motion detection)

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Network Security 


General Power and Electrical works


With a large catalogue of services to choose from, we are your all-encompassing general power and electrical service provider providing services to commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and hi-tech businesses. Our team of electrical professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with value added service, further associating our company's identity with excellence.


Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Distribution

  • Distribution Transformers

  • Medium Voltage / Low Voltage Switchgear

  • Overhead line materials

  • Circuit Breakers

  • House Wiring

Energy Management

  • Meters

  • Capacitors

  • Generator Sets

  • Automatic Stabilizers

  • Remote Generator monitoring

  • Industrial & residential Generator installation

Civil Engineering


ATEL offers specialized engineering services undertaken by highly qualified staff in their chosen fields, ensuring reliable installations and infrastructure. Our Civil engineering services covers a vast domain covering planning, designing and construction.


The following are some of our services.

  • Tower foundations

  • Erection of towers

  • Shelter installation

  • DDF/MDF frames, Towers, Antennas etc

Managed Telecommunication Installation/maintenance service of Radio and Equipment


ATEL offers proactive managed professional telecommunication and network services enabling you Get the resources you need to handle the day-to-day management, security and upgrades of all your servers, PC's and mobile devices, freeing up your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Radio Equipment

  • BTS Installation/BTS Swap / BSC

  • PDH/SDH Microwave


  • OSN/WDM/SDH Equipment

  • MSC/NGN/MSAN & DC Power System Equipment

  • Optical Fiber Cable pulling/blowing/dressing/Splicing/Termi-nation & Testing

  • BBU / RRU 3G& 4G

  • Generators and Air conditioners

  • Battery Bank

  • Power plant DC Mains

  • Rectifiers, earthing cable (grounding), Lighting Protection

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